Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing  

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Most of the illness and diseases are caused by energy imbalance, usually a reduced flow of life force throughout the chakras. Our Chakras have a sympathetic resonance with crystals and they assist us in re-aligning, balancing and energising the chakras into appropriate functions. Crystals are considered as the Earth’s DNA as they are formed when hot gases and mineral solutions rose to the surface due to volcanic eruptions and we all know how powerful the earth energy is. Most of us must have heard our mothers saying during our childhood days to apply mud at the wounded area as it heals quickly. The same principle is applicable in crystals too since they are the gift from our spirit guides and mother earth to the humanity. As we shop for crystals, we may discover that some of them are human made, while others are created naturally by mother earth. Organically formed crystals contain the wisdom of earth’s cycles, while the artificially treated might have a younger energy or at times they have no vibration. For instance, the sunshine aura quartz or Bismuth (which has been treated manually most of the time by heating it in order to get the rainbow or colourful effect). It’s very rare to find it nowadays which is naturally heated. Bismuth Crystal Crystals heal holistically as they work on all the levels of being say physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. When it comes to collecting a crystal, trust your intuition and let it guide you. Moreover, try to have some idea what you want to do with them. For instance, do you want them to look attractive in your room, transform the energies in the room, or do you wish to use them for healing purposes? Once you are clear with the intention, then select accordingly, like if one wants to stimulate his or her third eye chakra or wants to improve the intuitive abilities then Azurite is the crystal for you. If one is seeking for romance in their life or to draw a partner or improve the existing relationship, Rhodochrosite can assist you attract that desired soulmate. It has been seen that people use Rose Quartz as a love crystal. However, being the member of quartz family it amplifies the current energy which can be backfired at times. So, after the purpose of Rose quartz is over one should keep it back, that’s why Rhodochrosite is recommended as it is a safe crystal to use. After you get your Crystal home, it is very important to cleanse your crystal in order to release any old toxic energy as it may have absorbed from its previous owner or from the place you have got it. It’s a great way to create a bond between you and your crystal as it will get attuned to your personal energy. There are many ways to purify them like by cleansing them in the normal tap water, placing them on Amethyst & Citrine cluster or inside geodes or cathedrals, burying them in the earth, smoke of incense, flower therapies, by invoking angels, visualization and meditation, sound therapy, infusing them with sunlight or moonlight (again this method depends on particular crystal, for instance Amethyst will fade when place under sunlight, however one can place it under the moonlight). Similarly, crystals like Desert Rose and Selenite can be easily melted when placed in water and due to high content of sulphur in Pyrite it is also avoided to cleanse it under water. In such cases, Pyrite can be placed under Sun and crystals like Selenite etc. can be cleansed while using other methods. It has been often observed that people dip their crystals in sea salt water without realizing that this process is simply fading and damaging them. The best way to deal with this is to make 3 clockwise circles of rock salt around your crystal and leave your crystal in that circle for around 12 hours and later on dissolve that salt in water and flush it away. For attuning or to connect to the full power of your crystal, hold it in your dominant hand and feel its power radiating into the manifestation chakras on your palms, then out into your whole being. Always remember that your crystal and your own manifestation powers work together in synergy. Crystals can also be taped in place, or worn for much longer periods in the form of bracelet or pendent for healing or prevention; or they can be kept in a pocket or placed around your bed or room. One can also use them over the chakras, organs or at the site of disease and can leave it for few minutes. To overcome cold, place the polished Green Fluorite over your nose for 5 minutes and then on your forehead for the same time, letting the crystal fight the virus and clear congestion and for flu related issues hold it to your chest for 10 minutes and sense the crystal’s vibrations lowering your fever. Further, for energy enhancement, attraction, release or protection we can use the layouts and grids which are the art of placing the crystals around a person or place. Although a grid is laid out flat, it creates a multi-dimensional energy web around it. Each layout has a specific purpose and effect where different crystals can be used and the layouts can be adapted to different purposes. Always lay the crystals down slowly, with focused intention and by connecting with the power of crystal. Use the power of your mind or a wand can be used to join grids. Allow the universal energy to flow in through your crown chakra, down the arm to the hand holding the wand into manifestation chakra and into the wand. Do not use your own energy. This is the simple but effective layout where one can place particular crystal on respective chakras to balance and align them. Each crystal has its own unique power and vibration, respect them as their support strengthens your ability to realise the essence of universal wisdom. Remember that everything resonates at different frequencies and crystals can bridge those frequencies very well by getting your consciousness into harmony with whatever one seek for.
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