Lal Kitab Remedies

Lal Kitab Remedies  

Yashkaran Sharma
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Remedy before Remedies

The following remedies must be done before doing the various remedies of various planets.

  • Have vegetarian food.
  • Serve widows and guests.
  • Respect parents.
  • Do not use bitter words in your language.
  • Do not have sex in the day time.
  • Worship gods and goddesses.
  • Respect your in - laws.
  • Stay away from alcoholism.
  • Do not keep broken utensils at home.
  • Keep one raw space (Kachi Jagah)at house.
  • Take blessings of elders daily.
  • Abstain from getting into an extra marital relationship.

Some Special Rules to be Followed

Period of Upaya (remedies) -Upayas should be carried out for minimum 21 days and maximum for 43 days.

If the process of doing remedy breaks in the middle then restart the process.

Remedy should be done in the day time only. It should be done during Sun rise and sun set.

Only one remedy should be done in one day.

If the native is incapable of doing the remedies then any one in blood relation can be deployed to do the remedies.

Remedies for Overcoming Malefic Impact of Planets

If a planet is exceptionally troublesome you are advised to overcome its evil impact by burying the article of planet in the earth. For example if Saturn is inauspicious in 6th house put some mustard oil in an earthen pot, cover it properly with its lid and bury it in earth near some pond of water. By doing this Saturn gets satiated.

For overcoming few malefic impacts of planets the articles of concerned planets should be thrown in running water.

If Rahu of 8th house is troubling in that case pieces of Lead should be thrown is running water everyday.

A planet which is auspicious and inauspicious both, its friendly planet can be propitiated for making it completely auspicious. For example if Ketu is producing inauspicious results in 6th house, in that case ring of Gold (Jupiter) should be worn in the little finger of Mercury. Because 6th house in the sign of Mercury in Zodiac and by doing so Mercury and Jupiter (Teacher of Ketu) succeed in keeping Ketu under control.

For overcoming the malefic influence of slightly inauspicious planets the article of enemy planet of that planet should be kept. For example to overcome the malefic influence of Mars in 8th house one should keep article of Rahu (enemy planet of mars) i.e. ivory with him or her.

For overcoming the inauspiciousness of an auspicious planet the article of that specific planet should be offered to its other significator object. For example for overcoming the inauspiciousness of Jupiter grains of Gram (Jupiter) should be offered in a temple (Jupiter). But before doing so it is necessary to make sure that none of the enemy planets of Jupiter is there in 9th house, otherwise results of doing so shall be negative.

Other method can be to worship the presiding deity of the planet. For example if Rahu’s placement in 6th house gives diseases, blue flowers (Rahu) should be offered to Goddess Saraswati (deity of Rahu) for curing the diseases.

For getting rid of the malefic impact resulting because of fight of two enemy planets the friendly planet of these planets should be established between them. For example to overcome the malefic influence of placement of Sun and Saturn (Because of opposite nature of planets) in 6th house Mercury (which is friendly planet of Sun and Saturn) should be established in between by planting the plants (Mercury) of flowers at home.

Important Remedies of Lal Kitab


If Sun’s placement in 6th house causes heart problem, stomach disorders and difficulties in professional life, in that case one should donate articles of Sun i,e. Wheat, Jaggery, Copper, Gold. If Sun becomes malefic because of its placement in 7th house in that case milk (Moon) should be used to extinguish burning fire (Sun). By doing that Sun gets propitiated.

If Sun causes troubles in 10th house in that case coins of Copper (Sun) should be thrown in running water. If Sun gets afflicted by Rahu in that situation for appeasing Rahu articles of Rahu i,e. (Coal or seeds of Mustard) should be thrown in river or canal during Solar Eclipse. Sun gets appeased by serving jaggery to red faced monkeys (Sun). Worshipping Lord Vishnu also yields beneficial results and Sun gets propitiated.


If Moon in 4th house or 6th house causes diseases, mental tensions or chest pain to mother in that case one should not drink milk at night. Donate milk if Moon is causing problems by its placement in 10th house. For overcoming the inauspicious impact of malefic Moon of 8th house one should keep water of well of any funeral or cremation place. Donation of milk during Shradh shall be equally beneficial.

If Moon is in affliction because of Rahu in that situation coal or seeds of Mustard (article of Rahu) should be thrown in river or canal during Lunar Eclipse. If Moon is in the sign of Saturn in that case milk should be offered to Lord Shiva (presiding deity of Saturn and Moon) for getting beneficial result.


For appeasing inauspicious Mars, article of Mars (Rewri of jaggery, or Batasha) shall be thrown in river. Donating red Masoor Dal shall also yield beneficial results. For appearing inauspicious Mars occupying 6th house one should offer food to 6 small girls and receive their blessings. For appearing Mars occupying 8th house honey (article of Mars) should be buried in earth (Venus) by putting it in an earthen pot (Mercury, Venus).

According to Lal Kitab Mars positional in 12th house is an outdated or rust eaten weapon. This type of person should not keep rusted or rust eaten weapon in his house. For propitiating Mars 12 Batashas should be offered to God in a temple for 12 days but in that case any enemy planet of mars i.e, Rahu or Saturn should not be there in house of religion. By worshipping Lord Hanuman (Presiding deity of Mars) and buy receiving his blessings one gets rid of inauspicious impacts caused by Mars.


For overcoming the inauspicious impact of Venus and that of Mercury of 6th house milk (Moon) should be buried in a land (Venus) of desolated place by putting it in an earthen pot (Mercury). For appeasing Mercury the pulse of green lentils should be poured in a pot of copper to be flowed in the water (Moon) of river or canal. Green lentil is article of Mercury. Copper is that of Sun and water is that of Moon. Moon and Sun both these planets pacify Mercury.

Don’t keep a parrot (Mercury) at your home if Mercury is in 8th house. In addition to that don’t plant banana (Jupiter) tree at your home. For overcoming the inauspiciousness of Mercury of 12th house put a mark of turmeric or saffron (Jupiter is lord of 12th sign) on your forehead continuously for 43 days. By doing that Jupiter gets strengthened and it controls Mercury. Goddess Durga and small girls should be worshipped for getting beneficial results.


If Jupiter is in 6th house one should not accept any type of donation as it might cause financial losses. It would be auspicious to offer clothes to a priest. To get rid of the disease and financial loss caused by Jupiter, turmeric and pulse of gram should be donated in a temple for 6 days. For overcoming the malefic influence of Jupiter of 8th house 8 bulbs of turmeric should be offered in a temple on 8 Thursdays.

It is believed that Peepal tree is abode of Lord Vishnu therefore, a mark of turmeric should be applied on the trunk of this tree and cotton thread should be rolled up on it on every Thursday continuously till 8th Thursday comes. By worshipping Lord Vishnu beneficial results can be obtained.


For appeasing Venus one should satisfy his wife (Venus) by offering beautiful clothes, jewellery etc and he himself should also remain neat and clean. Cow, fodder of cow, ghee (butter), camphor (articles of Venus) etc. should be donated to increase the auspiciousness of Venus. For overcoming the inauspiciousness of Venus of 6th house and for getting the favour of friendly planets of Venus it would be auspicious to offer Milk (Moon) and condensed sugar (Mars) to six (Venus) small girls (Mercury).

When Venus is in 6th house in conjunction with Sun it would be auspicious to have condensed sugar (Mars) and water (Moon) before starting some important work because by doing that the friends of Sun shall overcome the obstacles. For overcoming the inauspiciousness of Venus green sorghum (Jwaar) which is an article of Venus should be offered to black cow (8th Venus). If Venus in conjunction with Rahu in 12th house harms the health of one’s wife in that case blue (Rahu) flowers (Venus) should be buried in earth (Venus) in a desolated place to overcome Rahu’s malefic effect. Venus becomes favourable by worshipping Goddess Laxmi.


For overcoming the inauspicious impact of Saturn pills of flour of wheat should be served to fishes. Before having food some part of it should be offered to crows (Saturn). Saturn becomes favourable by avoiding alcohol and flesh eating. Saturn gets appeased by speaking the truth. Coconut used for worshipping should be flowed in river or canal continuously for 6 days without removing its cover to get rid of the disease and depression caused by Saturn.

By flowing 8 kilograms or 800 gms. of horse bean (Saturn) in a river or canal one gets rid of problems caused by 8th house Saturn. Horse bean, an object of iron, leather shoes, mustard oil etc (articles of Saturn) should be donated to poor people on Saturday for appeasing Saturn. By worshipping he buffalo (presiding deity of Saturn) also one gets rid of troubles caused by Saturn.


For appearing inauspicious Rahu barley (article of Rahu) should be washed with milk and flowed in river or canal.

For overcoming the difficulties caused by 8th house Rahu, coin should be thrown in river. By having food in kitchen Mars gets propitiated and stops Rahu from causing harm. By worshipping Goddess Saraswati Rahu gets appeased.


For making Ketu auspicious one should offer food to dogs. For improving relations with son, one should offer blankets of black and white colour in a temple, because blanket is article of Ketu and temple is significator of Jupiter. By worshipping Lord Ganesha (Presiding deity of Ketu) Ketu gets propitiated.

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