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The horoscope is a microscopic epitome of multifaceted long life. Various aspects of life have been divided into twelve houses (Bhavas) of natal chart (Janmalagan) of horoscope. Nine planets -Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu -take their position in respective houses in accordance with the time of birth. Position of planets in different houses (Bhavas) and their power (Bal) by virtue of their position in particular sign (Rashi) and aspect (Drishti) and conjuction (Yuti) with malefic/benefic planet form combination/promises (Yogas) like Rajyoga, Panch Mahapurush Yoga, Dhan Yoga, Budhaditya Yoga, Gaj Kesari Yoga, and so on. There are 108 Rajyogas and many more Yogas provided in scriptures. Such Rajyogas show promise of good health, wealth, achievements in different aspects of life and high status in society and politics, etc. Now the question arises as to how and when the result of the Yogas will materialize? It depends on MahaDasha/Anter Dasha/ Pratyanter Dasha and transit (Gochar) of the planets involved in forming the Rajyoga. The Dashas (period) will occur and the planet involved will transit the house concerned to bring the results. Dasha : A period of 120 years has been earmarked as life span in the form of Vimshottari Dasha. This 120 years’ Vimshottari Dasha again has been divided into Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu -nine planets. During the long span of life from birth to death, these planets come by turn with specific number of years as their Maha Dasha, Antar Dasha for shorter span and Pratyanter Dasha as again shorter span. Karmas (deeds) play very important role in whatsever we are receiving, or losing in life. Different times of birth form the different map of planets in the natal chart, hence different combinations. Some of them form very good Rajyoga for very healthy and wealthy life, while others bring Daridra (pauper) yog. It is only because of slight difference in time of birth which can very well be the result of past Karmas. With the difference of few minutes in time of birth, one will become the king and the other will be doomed. It is all past Karmas that govern the date of birth and accordingly the promises in the natal chart. Karma is the panacea and the Karma is the root cause of all pains and problems too. It is a time tested fact that venom can be treated with the same venom. While nothing can undo the destiny, the good Karmas can relax the ill effect of past Karmas to some extent. Through the mirror of natal chart and with the help of planets posited on constellations (Nakshatra) with some specific longitude, whatsever good, or bad lies in the destiny, could well be seen through. The small map of planetary positions reflects various aspects of life, like past Karmas, health and wealth, wife/husband relationship, relation with parents, with children, with co-borns with friends, gains & losses in business, status in society, success in. politics, education and profession, visit abroad, nature and speech, character and chastity, illness and even death. It all needs a thorough concentration and proper usage of the astrological means and supports. Astrology has been very much in practice and accepted by the society since time immemorial. Many mystics and sages have left the plethora of scriptures on Astrology as legacy to the present generation. It becomes our moral responsibility to preserve it. We must learn and practise difference ways and means provided in the basic compilation ‘Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra’. All astrological tools, like natal chart, Navansh, Chalit, Dreshkan, Saptamansh Varga, Dasha, - Antar Dasha, transit, Shad Bal and Bhav Bal, Disha Bal, Ashtakvarga, exaltation & debilitation of planets, exchange of planets and aspect and conjuction etc. must be given due consideration before coming to a conclusion. We should strengthen the sanctity of our ancestral heritage of astrology.
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