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Different authors have given different definitions of the word Yantra. Our objective is not to define Yantra simply; rather we shall make an effort to help the readers understand that what is a Yantra, what is its significance and what type of powers it has and how one can get benefited with the use of Yantras. Literally ‘Yantra’ means an instrument. Sanskrit word ‘Yantra’ means ‘apparatus’. It is like microcosmic picture of macrocosm. The Yantra is a geometric design which provides you a focusing point for concentration and meditation. The Yantras are considered highly efficient because they help you do better in contemplation, concentration and meditation and the possibilities of your making mistakes or going astray while meditating also decrease with the smart use of Yantras. As Mantras are recited to attain realization of God similarly visualisation or imagination of Yantra is also helpful to attain union with God. Yantras in most advanced phases are used to achieve total silence in mind where mental chatter stops completely. This is achieved by tactics of concentration. You shall have to meditate on one single object like Yantra. This Yantra shall be used till the time your mind achieves aspired silence. After achieving this silence you shall be training yourself to keep your mind empty without the help of Yantra. Slowly-slowly you shall be becoming more progressive in your efforts of realization of God in your life. Different Yantras are for different Gods therefore, by tuning yourself in a specific Yantra you shall be tapping a specific creative energy center or God in universe. Yantras can be defined as visual Mantras. They have been used since the Vedic age to remove the malefic effects of certain evil forces and to strengthen the positive powers. Yantras are able to create vibrations and other mystic effects of a Mantra by sight. These Yantras representing Gods are based on specific geometrical designs and mathematical equations. Yantra a “Talisman” is a window into the absolute. In sacred books lots of songs have been sung about the glory of mystic power of Yantras. As oil is essential to oil lamps similarly Yantras are always essential to the worship of Gods. By having a Yantra, worshipping it everyday one can fulfill one’s aspirations and attain desired goals. Keep it at a sacred place in your house and worship it regularly. Yantra is beneficial for you in every field of your life, to attain success in your profession, to acquire wealth, peace, good luck, getting rid of tensions, to win in court cases, to ward off diseases, to progress in meditation. For energizing Yantra the assistance of learned and expert person in energizing Yantras is taken. The process of energizing Yantra (Pranapratishtha) is done by reciting the Mantras of the presiding deity of Yantra and after that Homas should be preformed by decorating the place of sacred fire and Ahutis should be given. Use of energized Yantras is popular because they are highly beneficial for us in thousand ways. If the user of Yantras is having enough faith, trust and respect for Yantras, he shall get benefited from the countless benefits of Yantras in several ways like to get rid of poverty, enemies, anger, bad time, bad effects of planets, diseases and many more. Yantras energized during the nights of Mahashivaratri, Holi and Diwali are most effective and powerful. The purpose of a Yantra is to focus spiritual and mental energies, to improve health, wealth, childbearing or the invoking of any God or Goddess. These Yantras prepared by knowledgeable persons under proper guidance are generally drawn on metals such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Bhojapatras and sometimes on paper also. How to energise yantra : The Yantra which one has to install should first be soaked in milk for one hour. Then dip the Yantra in Panchamrita (this is a mixture of milk, curd, honey, sugar powder and little bit of butter/Ghee). Take out after a minute and wash it 4-5 times with holy water or fresh water. Now bath it in the smoke of incense and camphor. Place white/red/yellow cloth in the place where it is to be installed. Colour of cloth should be decided according to the nature of Yantra. Offer flowers and rosaries again according to the nature of presiding deity of Yantra. Also use camphor, Chandana(sandal) etc. to be offered on the Yantra. Now install the Yantra. Recite Mantra which is specified for each deity on rosary related to that Yantra for at least 108 times. This recitation shall be done everyday to get best results. YANTRAS AT A GLANCE 1. Sriyantra - Education, intelligence, creativity, wealth, beauty, spiritual enrichment 2. Mahalaxmi Yantra - For wealth 3. Kamla Yantra - For lot of wealth 4. Kanakdhara Yantra - For Gold and wealth 5. Gayatri Yantra - For energy 6. Durga Beesa Yantra - To ward off miscellaneous problems 7. Navdurga Yantra - For power, victory, success 8. Saraswati Yantra - Education, intelligence, creativity 9. Kali Yantra - To get victory 10. Tara Yantra - For eloquence and wealth 11. Bhuvaneswari Yantra - To get power 12. Chhinnamasta Yantra - For overcoming the evil impact of Rahu 13. Bagalamukhi Yantra - For victory over enemies 14. Tripurbhairavi Yantra - For self control and victory 15. Dhoomavati Yantra - To overcome sadness, sorrow, tragedy, disease, poverty 16. Matangi Yantra - Married life, musical expertise 17. Gita Yantra - For success 18. Panchanguli Yantra - Best for astrologers for getting predictive powers 19. Ganesh Yantra - For prosperity 20. Swastik Ganesh Yantra - For Good Luck 21. Hanumaan Yantra - For power, dominance, prosperity. 22. Vahan Durghatana Nashak Yantra - For protection from road accidents/mishaps 23. Aakarsan Yantra - For attraction 24. Vashikaran Yantra - To attract your beloved 25. Love enhancement Yantra - For increasing love and affection (Prem Vriddhi Yantra) between husband wife or lover/beloved. 26. Sukh Samriddhi Yantra - For family happiness 27. Santan Gopal Yantra - For desired offspring 28. Shubh Labh Yantra - For gains 29. Vyapar Vridhi Yantra - For success in business 30. Kuber Yantra - For wealth 31. Mahamrityunjay Yantra - To get rid of diseases, fear of death and grave dangers 32. Mahasudarshan Yantra - Protection from enemies 33. Ram Raksha Yantra - Protection from enemies 34. Kaalsarp Yantra - To ward off obstacles, difficulties in life. 35. Matsya Yantra - For clearing vastu faults 36. Vastu Yantra - Yantra to remove Vaastu ill effects form place of work/residence. 37. Surya Yantra - For good health 38. Chandra Yantra - For gain of knowledge 39. Mangal Yantra - For quick results 40. Buddha Yantra - For intelligence 41. Brihaspati Yantra - For power and authority 42. Shukra Yantra - For happy married life 43. Shani Yantra - To avoid conflicts or losses 44. Rahu Yantra - To get benefit from foreign land 45. Ketu Yantra - For success 46. Navgrah Yantra - For prosperity 47. Sampoorna Sri Yantra - For wealth, prosperity, health, beauty, success 48. Sampoorna Vyapaar Vridhi Yantra - Very effective for getting success in business 49. Sampoorna Vidya Dayak Yantra - Education, intelligence, creativity, speech 50. Sampoorna Badhamukti Yantra - To overcome all sorts of obstacles and troubles 51. Sampoorna Rognashaka Yantra - To overcome all diseases 52. Sampoorna Kaalsarp Yantra - To overcome Kaalsarp dosha, Vastu faults and Pitri Dosha 53. Sampoorna Vastu Dosh Nivaran - To overcome all complicated Vastu faults 54. Sampoorna Navgraha Yantra - To overcome the evil impact of all planets 55. Sampoorna Mahalaxmi Yantra - For getting wealth, prosperity 56. Sampoorna Karya Siddhi Yantra - To get success in accomplishing all sorts of tasks.
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