Role of Navamsha Adhipati

Role of Navamsha Adhipati  

N. P. Kashyap
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In all Vargas Navamsha is the most important varga chart. No need to say that if we have D-1 and D-9 chart we can easily tell that in which Nakshatra and Pada planet is posited. We must check the strength of planet in Navamsha. Moon sign defines character of the native but According to Saravali Chapter 24, Shloka 23 राशि फलं यद् दृष्टं पुर्वि कथितं गृहे शशांकस्य। तस्य निरोधो दृष्टो यदा अंश्यतिरबली भवति।। Meaning: If the Navamsha lord of Moon is more powerful than its Rashi lord subsequently the results of moon sign diminish and Navamsha phal apply.

According to Devakeralam, “Samandmandirandhresh navamshapatyo griha Tesham yo durbalah khetah sukhnashprado bhavet.” Meaning: The weakest in the three Navamsha lord of Saturn, Mandi and of the 8th lord will destroy the happiness of the native. Other classical texts too give importance to the Navamsha lord. When we are assessing any Bhava results we concentrate mainly on the positions of Bhava, Bhavesh and natural Karaka of particular Bhava. If in D-1 as well as in D-9 former 3 are well placed with out any afflictions we can say one must have the benefit of the Karakattwas of that Bhava. In this context Navamshadhipati also plays an important role. Sarvarth Chintamani fourth chapter, 57 Shlok, गृह स्थान अधिपस्य अश्वनाथ सयुक्त राशिपः। तदंशाधिपतौ केन्द्रे गृह लाभ मुद्रियेत।। Meaning: If Navamsha lord of fourth lord is in Kendra from Lagna, then the native has his own house.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Fourth Chapter, Shlok 63, गृहेष संयुक्त नवांश नाते नाशस्थिते स्थादापी गृहनाश।। Meaning: If Navamshadhipati of fourth lord is in 6-8-12 house then the native looses his house. Parijat yoga: If Navamshadhipati of Lagna is in Kendra in D-1 chart it forms a kind of Parijat yoga. Such types of Shlok oblige us to concentrate on Navamsha adhipati too for results. In this article we are applying the same rule as mentioned in Sarvarth Chintamani on some charts on different Bhava lord for checking their Karakattwas. There are other factors too which affect the results.

They are Navamsha adhipati’s Rashi position, aspect on Navamsha adhipati.

• If Navamsha lord of Phavesh (house lord) is in Kendra from Lagna it will give good results.

• If Navamsha lord of Bhavesh is in trik Bhava (6-8-12) then the native gets deprived of Karakattwas of particular Bhava.

• If Navamsha lord of Bhavesh is in exaltation, Moolatrikona, Swakshetri or Mitrakshetri and having aspect of benefic planets, it will boost up the results of Bhava.

• If Navamsha lord of Bhava lord is debilitated, in inimical sign and aspected by malefic planets the Karaka of Bhava suffer. On the above four principle, we can judge all Bhavas. In this article we are concentrating only on some bhavas that flourished in respective charts. Dr. A. P. J Kalam 15 Oct 1931, 01:15hrs, 79E18’00, 09N17’00 In his chart lord of lagna, Karma (Tenth), and Budhi(fifth) is in Venus's Navamsha, in D-1 chart Venus is in Moola trikona sign, in Kendra having Digbala also.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

In Dr. Kalam chart lord of 4th (mass) and 11th (appreciation) Venus is in Jupiter's Navamsha, Jupiter is exalted in Lagna with Digbala. Results: - Physically fit, respectable personality, sharp mind, high thoughts, high position and hard working. Dhiru Bhai Ambani 28 Dec 1932, 06:57am In Dhiru Bhai chart lord of Lagna and lord of Karma Bhava both are in Shani navamsha. In D-1 chart Saturn is in own sign, having an aspect of Dhana Karaka Jupiter with no other malefic effect. Lord of second (wealth), 3rd (courage) Saturn, lord of 11 (Earning, recognition), 6th (struggle, win over enemy) Venus and lord of 5th (Budhi)& 12th lord(foreign) Mars all are in Mars navamsha.

Mars is in Sun Rashi in Trikona with Ketu. 9th lord Sun placed in Lagna. Results: - He established himself as one of the major industrialist within 30 yrs of struggle. He was sharp minded & hard working. He worked in foreign country in his early age. Financially sound, he was having risk taking ability because of third house. Because Navamsha lord of eleventh, Mars is in Rahu Ketu axis so, there were ups and downs in his profession. Lata Mangeshkar 28 Sep 1929, 23:00hrs, Mumbai Lord of 2nd (Vaani) and 5th (Budhi) Mercury is exalted and posited in its own Navamsha. In other words it is Vargottama.

In D-1 chart, Mercury is exalted in 5th house (trine). Lord of lagna and sixth house Venus, is in Moon Navamsha. Moon placed in his own sign in D-1, with out any malefic effects. Results: Respectable personality, Age 80 +, won many awards. She is having an uncatchable position in film industry as singer. Swami Vivekananda 12 Jan 1863, 06:33hrs, Kolkata, West Bengal. Ascendant and fourth lord Jupiter, and 7th, 10th lord Mercury is in Mars navamsha, Mars in D-1 chart placed in Moolatrikona sign in 5th house (Trine) and aspected by Jupiter itself. Results: He had good physique and respect in society.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

He had strong family background. His father was at very good position in Kolkata presidency. He was greatly influenced by his mother. In his words, “I am indebted to my mother for my efflorescence knowledge.” No-one can forget his Chicago all religious parliament visit. His work and deeds are still luminous. His thoughts are guiding many disciples. Case 1: 22 Sep 1983, 16:35hrs, New Delhi In this chart lord of ninth (luck, Dharma) and Fourth (mass support, mother) Venus is in Mars navamsha. Lord of Tenth (Karma) and Third (co-born) Mars is posited in its own navamsha. In main chart Mars is posited in Kendra with two benefic with out any affliction.

Results: He is having his own house, mass support, own vehicle. Religious, has teacher support, studying astrology. His younger brother is chartered accountant and well off. Case 2 : 29 Oct 63, 05:55hrs, Delhi Native belongs to highly respectable family. His father was working in parliamentary staff at good post. He himself is chartered accountant and earning in 6 figures per month. Here tenth lord (Karma) is in Mars navamsha. In D-1 chart mars is in own sign aspected by Jupiter. His eleventh lord sun is in Saturn navamsha, Saturn is in fourth (Kendra) and Saturn also swakshetri. We can’t justify this rule with out examining its negative side.

That is, if a navamsha lord is in trik bhava and afflicted then the bhava may suffer. Case 3: 06 Oct 1983, 05:30am, Delhi Above chart belongs to a boy whose parents separated when he was just 7 year old. And from thereafter he is living with his maternal uncles. He is doing a business of mobile phones with all type of support (financially/mentally) from his maternal uncles. In this chart lord of ninth (father) is in Venus navamsha, Venus in D-1 chart is placed in 12th house with malefic Mars. On the other hand lord of fourth (mother) house Jupiter is in Mars navamsha and in D-1 chart it is posited in trik bhava but with natural benefic Venus. So, if we compare the status of mother with father. Mother is stronger than native’s father. We see the position of maternal uncle from sixth house. In this chart Lord of sixth Saturn placed in its own navamsha, and in Janam Kundali Saturn is exalted in second house without any affliction. Conclusion:

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If Navamsha Lord of lagnesh is strong then native has good physique and respect in society. If Navamsha lord of second lord is strong in D-1 chart then native has enough money, good food and effective speech. If navamsha lord of 3rd house lord is strong in D-1 chart then native is courageous. If navamsha dispositor of fourth lord is powerful in main chart then the native has his own house, vehicle, mass support, luxurious life and strong mother. If navamsha lord of 5th house lord is strong in D-1 chart then the native has Sharp mind, good intellectual level, high thoughts and childhood is very good. If Navamsha dispositor of sixth lord is well placed in D-1 chart then the native wins over enemy and matru paksha will be quite strong and reputable, father works hard. If Navamsha Lord of Saptmesh is strong then native has good married life, highly ambitious, mass support, Native’s father has recognition in the society.

If navamsha dispositor of eighth is well placed in D-1 chart then the native’s longevity is on higher side, deep study ability, has interest in occult study, he can detect the fault in work very easily. If navamsha dispositor of ninth lord is powerful in main chart, the native is lucky, religious, has teachers support, elder support, later life is very good. If Karmesh (10th lord), Navamsha Lord is strong then native has high position, works hard, having government recognition, good deeds, character of mother in law must be strong. If navamsha dispositor of eleventh lord is well placed in D-1 chart then the native earns profit, fame. Native is disease prone, fulfillment of desire, getting praise from others, elder brother character must be strong. If navamsha dispositor of 12th lord is powerful in main chart then the native enjoys all comforts of life, good bed pleasure and climax of every thing will be good.r

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