Remedies for Improving Health

Remedies for Improving Health  

Yashkaran Sharma
Views : 3112 | February 2016

Sandhya Karma:

In sandhya karma brahmin looks at sun and chants gayatri mantra through which lord sun is worshipped. Sandhya means time of Sun rise. After sun rise if one looks at sun daily for 30 to 45 minutes immunity gets restored thoroughly and success and intelligence level also goes up. Continuous practice of one year can improve immune system in a miraculous way. Sun can be seen only till 45 minutes after Sun rise. After 45 minutes bad and harmful rays start emitting. The same practice can be started 45 minutes before sunset till sun set. This is known as Evening Sandhya time.

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Surya Namsakar:

Regular practice of suryanamaskar restores immunity quickly.


God loves water so offer water to Sun daily for improving health and reputation.


Keep Surya yantra at place of worship and chant aditya hridya stotra or Avaran puja of Surya Yantra daily.


The natives of those Lagnas (Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarious, Taurus, & Aquarius) for whom Sun is Karaka, well placed in an auspicious house in a friendly sign the gem of Sun Ruby proves highly beneficial for the restoration of immunity.


Do yogasnas regularly to make your body flexible.


Dor breathing exercises regularly to overcome all diseases and restore immunity with a revolutionary speed. Pranayama is best Tapasaya as it overcomes sins and makes the path of realisation of god easier.


Perfect immune system and healthy body is needed for making our body suitable for following strenuous discipline like Pranayama. After doing Pranayama concentration level enhances and it becomes easier to do meditation. Meditation improves mental health and eventually physical health too.

Mantra Jap

Chant Mahamrityunjay mantra 108 times daily.

Early Sleep, Early Rise

Early to rise and early to sleep makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.


Before doing Pranayam walk for at least two kilometeres daily.

Take heavy breakfast, light lunch and almost negligible dinner and that too before 7 PM. If you cannot take dinner before 7 PM then avoid food and live only on salads. Actually our immune system is controlled by sun therefore when we eat heavily in the morning then our sun gets lot of time to digest our food. After sun set immune system goes weak therefore we should not eat much after sun set.

Before breakfast you should eat handful of sprouts and almonds and walnuts.

For enhancing immune system eat at least two lemons daily. Vitamin C is highly beneficial for enhancing immune system.

Apple Cyder Vinegar enhances immune system very quickly.

Avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian food.

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Do fasting at least once in a month. It gives great relaxation and rest to digestive system and multiplies the power of immune system. Muslims realize the power of fasting and that is why they do fasting for one month(Roja) every year and that is why their immune system runs and they attain lot of strength to digest any type of meat.

Drink green tea in the morning as it washes away all toxins from the body. Basil leaves(Tulsi) has great medicinal value as its radioactive element has the power of fighting any type of infection including that of tuberculosis and cancer too. So add Tulsi leaves to your green tea. For getting better results use honey instead of sugar in your tea. It shall clean all unwanted and infectious material from your body thoroughly. If one wishes to rejuvenate (Kayakalpa) his body completely then he should eat 3 to 4 dates daily with this green tea.

Grow one Gilloy Plant in your garden as gilloy juice is beneficial for fighting against any type of fever.

Ayurveda and western scholars say that avoid wheat after the age of 40. Avoid rice after the age of 50. Avoid milk products after the age of 60. If you shall do it you can easily live up to 100 years.

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