Mars & Venus…Fostering Creation

Mars & Venus…Fostering Creation  

Ritu Bhatnagar
Views : 2116 | January 2017

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus…. is a commonly heard exclamation whenever the differentiation is sought with respect to the two genders. There is definitely a great amount of truth; physically, mentally, philosophically in this adage. But “creation” is possible only and only if these two starkly different energies fuse together, all life on earth being a vivid example of this.

Astrologically, Mars is the karaka of heat, energy, masculinity and Venus represents femininity, sensuality and beauty. Even the significations of Mars as stipulated under Medical Astrology- blood, sexual energy, male hormones and Venus - female hormones, reproductive organs, love etc. Clearly an indication that when these two energies, when and wherever come together, they tend to corroborate the fundamental law of nature i.e. creation.

Now what all comes under the category of creation? Is it just the production of similar species? Ideally anything that is conceived, constructed, formulated or innovated can be classified under “Creation”. So it is not just a life-form but a relation, an asset, an idea or even an obsession all can be put under this umbrella. Hence anything that materialises eventually can owe up their birth to the coming together of the characteristically different forces of Mars and Venus.

How and what shape the Martian-Venusian fusion results into depends upon the functionalities, positioning and influences on Mars and Venus, as in individual charts.

Another question that can crop up here is that whether in each and every chart these two planets come together? Based on experience, some charts have quite obvious connections between the two whereas in others the link is subtle. With whatever strength and intensity the concerned signification (which is triggered by the combined Mars-Venus energy) projects in a particular chart indicates the potency of the link. There are various other factors that might alter this projection like the whether the two planets are conjunct (closeness, planet holding lower degrees), aspect (mutual or otherwise), placement in each other’s nakshatras or signs etc.

Let us take an example to understand this. In case of a chart with Cancer lagna where Mars (5th Lord/10th Lord) & Venus (4th Lord /11th Lord) are in close conjunction (say about 3-4 degrees) in Libra. Now Libra is strong fort (being Moola Trikona house) of Venus. Let us further assume that Mars holds the lower degree.

Libra represents the 4th house (happiness) of the natal chart and is the 7th house (relationships) of KalaPurusha chart. So the energy here is spent towards creating or achieving happiness through emotions/desires associated to relationships. With Mars at lesser longitude than Venus, a romantic relationship (Mars is 5th Lord) could form the base of this creation but with Venus strong, romance is more on the sensual & pleasure seeking side.

Further this combination aspects the 10th house of the natal chart (Aries) which is also the 1st house of KalaPurusha chart. So the native’s karmas are primarily directed toward creating an environment of personal happiness and peace, by following the heart, especially in matters of relationships. Now how far the native is successful depends upon the other positive or negative stimuluses affecting this fusion.

It is scientific truth that “Opposites Attract”. Whether the outcome of the magnetism is desirable or undesirable depends upon the inherent planetary interventions and intentions involved.

Ritu Bhatnagar

MSc Operations Research, from Delhi University


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