Astrology and Diagnosis of Diseaes

Astrology and Diagnosis of Diseaes  

Sandeep V. Binodkar
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Our ancient Rishis have given us knowledge of Chakras. Just like the Sun being centre of Solar System, in our body, the centre portion is our heart signified by the Sun. Through Chakra related analysis of the horoscope an astrologer can precisely diagnose the health related problems in a particular area or region of the body. Which could be the source of the problem while the symptom may appear elsewhere. The Divine Science of Astrology, considered as a branch of Veda, is given to the Mankind by great Sages like Maharshi Parashara, Jaimini, Varaha Mihira and many others. It has its strong foundation on the widely accepted fact that Planets do certainly exercise their influence on all phases of Human life.

It may not be out of place to mention here that the growing tendency amongst people to approach Astrologers seeking guidance and more particularly remedies in the light of vicious circle of obstacles encountered in their day-to-day life is a testimony of the popularity gained rather the necessity highlighted by this great Science. The popularity gained by live programmes on Astrology widely telecast in different channels needs no emphasis. Notwithstanding the fact that Astrology is not an exception to have critics too as it happens in any divine missions, the growing aspirants to learn this Subject year by year can be marked from the increasing number of faculties and different Institutions to spread this Divine knowledge across the country. It should therefore be our endeavour to give a serious thought to the subject of Astrology and create awareness amongst people.

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It is obvious that in order to achieve this every one of us should go in deep into the subject with a research oriented mind so as to unearth the hidden secrets for the benefit of mankind. To start with, we should not forget that the very basis or foundation or root of Astrology is Karma Siddantha. What is this Karma Siddantha? Karma Siddantha – Basis of Astrology The study of Human life reveals the probable happenings in one’s life resulting in either a happy and comfortable life or a struggled life. The life may be a boon to some one or a bane to another. Why is it so? The answer is simple; one’s present conditions are attributed to one’s accumulated past deeds undoubtedly. In other words, it is Sanchita Karma. If one goes a step further and try to ascertain any tool to measure our past karma i.e. past deeds one will be astounded to know that it could be obtained from none other than the only Divine Science that is Astrology.

It is at this juncture that the influence exercised by planets comes into picture. On the basis of Birth Charts erected its analysis gives a transparent vision of one’s karma accumulated over past lives which is termed as ‘Sanchita Karma’. If one has performed good deeds in past life he will enjoy the result in the present life; on the other hand, in case of evil deeds, one has to suffer accordingly. The nature of sufferings is varied. It differs from one person to another. Rarely do we come across any person who declares that he is the happiest person. Broadly we can categorise the sufferings into those arising out of Health disorders and secondly those arising out of materialistic comforts. You will agree with me that certain people inspite of having all comforts and even luxuries remain unhappy either because they have chronic ailments thereby not able to enjoy Or on the other hand, even if physically fit their family or even working environment may be miserable affecting mental plane thereby they will not have an iota of inclination to enjoy their life. Having known the pulse of one’s sufferings, naturally the question comes to our mind as to how an astrologer could guide and convince the clients in successfully dealing with the precarious situation and to come out of the vicious circle of sufferings.

The question therefore arises – how are we to assess the strength of any horoscope? Is it possible to have any test check to know the level of one’s fate revealed in the chart? The answer is in the affirmative. The Sanchita Karma is mainly revealed from the 5th house and therefore it is called the house of Poorva Punya. The ability or capability of an individual in facing the constraints of course depends on three vital parameters viz. the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant. We may therefore conclude that the foundation of any chart lies in the strength of body, soul and mind of an individual. Body, Soul and Mind concept An astrologer should at first sight assess the foundation of the horoscope. It is based on mainly on the Lagna signifying Body, the Sun signifying the Soul and more important the Moon called Manokaraka. It is a widely accepted fact that for the proper functioning of our activities, there should be a harmonious relation between these three vital parameters viz. the Body, the Mind and the Soul. The Body is akin to a mobile instrument, the Soul being its Sim card whereas the operator, its mind. Body should be fit and healthy to carry out any activity; while the Soul to boost one’s initiative and confidence and more important – the Mind should be strong and determined to successfully complete the task undertaken. It is like a driver to take us to the destination. The planets influencing these factors are the Atmakaraka Sun (Soul), the Manokaraka Moon (Mind) and finally the strength of the Ascendant governs the body.

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All these three factors are not independent but inter dependent. Any sort of affliction to the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant affects the natives Soul strength, mental stability which coupled with afflicted lagna causes untold misery and sufferings. It is at this juncture, this Divine Science enters as a beacon light to guide us the path to overcome the sufferings. Undoubtedly, one can lessen the severity of the sufferings if not its eradication in Toto. How does it work? Towards this, I would like to discuss from a new dimension or outlook. That is the effectiveness of Chakras in our body and the influence of their rulers in other words controlling planets on Human System. I am sure every one of you will find it quite interesting and appropriate for implementation in the present environment. Chakras and Human System Our ancient Rishis have given us knowledge of Chakras in the form of a Sloka which reads as under: Aadhare Prathamam Sahasra Kiranam Taranathavam Swa Aashraye Maaheyam Manipurake Hridi Budham Kanthe Vachaspatim Bhroomadhye Bhrigunandanan Cha Dinamani putram trikootasthale Naadi Sandhishu Rahu Ketu Guluikan Nityam Smarami Ashraye According to this Sloka, all the Nine Planets in the Solar System exercise their role on different organs of the body. You may observe from the Sloka that the root of all Chakras is Mooladhara ruled by the Sun, the centre of Solar system controlling all other planets. Which are the organs controlled by Mooladhara Chakra? Just like the Sun being centre of Solar System, in our body, the centre portion is our heart signified by the Sun. Similarly, as the Sun gives brightness to the Universe, the Eyes give brightness or vision. Mooladhara chakra is related to organs below navel portion. In case the Sun is afflicted in any chart it is an indication of problems in the lower portion – like Constipation, Rectum problem etc.

It is a well established fact in Medical field that the root cause of all diseases is constipation. When the toxins are not released from the body they cause diversified problems to one’s health. People having heart problems have to be utmost careful if they have constipation problem too. It is therefore the most important chakra deserving attention. Next to Mooladhara Chakra lies Swadhishtana Chakra mainly controlling Kidney and private parts of the body. It is related to Watery element thereby ruling one’s emotions too. We are aware that it is the Moon, a watery planet who is responsible for tides in Sea on full moon day. Our body has more than 80% watery element. In view of this the influence of Moon on the functions of Human system is predominant. If Swadhishtana chakra is not functioning properly, native will have problems connected to filtration of blood and toxins, urinary problems, Semen counts, Uterus problems in females, menses problems etc. Needless to say how significant it is to ensure proper functioning of this chakra. The position of Moon in the chart determines the status of this chakra. The third chakra deserving our attention is Manipura Chakra.

This chakra is ruled by the planet of energy that is Mars. The organs connected with this chakra are those located in the stomach region. Whatever food we consume they are first stored in the stomach. Later on, the food gets digested by digestive fire of Mars. We consider Mars as the planet of energy. None of us will be able to carry out any of the daily activities without energy. Who is the producer of energy? Energy will be produced only when the food is properly digested in the stomach region where after the waste products are sent out.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

If the digestive juices are not produced, it may cause ulcer, appendicitis etc.; on the other hand if required food intake is not there in time, the juices produced cause Gastric problems. On this analogy, it is possible to determine the status of Manipura chakra from the position of Mars. The fourth chakra in order is Anahata chakra controlling heart region. This chakra is ruled by Budha who signifies the entire nervous system in the body. It is the heart region where from blood is circulated to the entire body. Any blockage in the circulation damages the heart function. Variation in heart beats can also be accounted due to irregular function of this chakra. Anahata region extends to the back i.e. spinal chord area also. Whenever Mercury is not placed well or afflicted in the chart, it gives an indication of problems in heart region or spinal chord. It extends to the chest, lungs also causing respiratory problems. The next chakra after Anahata is Vishudha chakra.

Organs around throat region are ruled by Vishudha chakra. It is ruled by the most benefic planet Jupiter. As Jupiter signifies ether element (Akasha Tatwa), he represents sound associated with it. Although generally we consider Mercury as the significator for Speech, it may be noted that the sound emanates or originates in throat region. On this basis, Jupiter is rightly categorized as the significator for the source of speech. In Medical field the three organs viz. throat, ears and nose are inter connected by nerves and hence doctors specialize in ENT. Jupiter is the significator for ears also because they are the sound receiving organs. Whenever Anahata chakra is disturbed, obviously the concerned organs fail to function or become weak. Affliction to Jupiter indicates such a situation. The chakra located in between the Eye brows is called the Ajna Chakra ruled by Venus. It is from this focal point the nerves are connected to all parts of the body. As we are aware, all Saints, Yogis concentrate on this chakra during meditation. It has an upward direction. It elevates the spiritual seeker to Self realization. In fact the six chakras from Mooladhara to Ajna are called Shatchakras in the body. The Seventh one named Sahasrara chakra is not linked to any of the other chakras.

As this chakra regulates the nerve centres, obstruction to its function may cause nervous disorders. Whichever part of the body does not get proper connection to Ajna chakra, that part becomes weak. For example, paralysis, numbness are caused by non-functioning of this chakra. The last chakra is Sahasrara chakra located in the head region. Any individual activating his energy to this level will be a Yogi. Ordinarily, it is difficult to attain this position. It is the Saturn who rules this chakra. Sani is known as the significator for Central nervous system located in the head region. It is therefore said that any serious injury to the skull portion may endanger one’s life. Sani is also a philosophical planet. We have so far seen how the different organs of the body are controlled by the chakras located in their respective region and also the planets ruling those chakras. Of the Navagrahas (9 planets), the Seven chakras are ruled by Seven planets other than nodes or shadow planets. Even the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu are not less significant in influencing Human systems. As expressed in the Sloka – Naadi Sandhishu Rahu Ketu Gulikan – meaning all the joints in the body are ruled by these planets. The significance of chakras lies in the fact that the weakness and affliction of planets in any chart clearly depicts the problems related to specific chakras. Doctors diagnose the disease based on laboratory report. For astrologers, chakra methodology serves as lab report through the horoscope. This is helpful in suggesting remedial measures by treatment to the affected chakras. It may not be out of place to mention that at times native may have symptoms of some disease where as the chart indicates affliction to Chakras pertaining to different region. One need not become panicky.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

If the analysis is perfect, one can certainly declare that although symptoms of disease appear else where, the root cause of disease based on chakras is perfect. Remedies based on Chakra analysis Having come to know the importance of Chakra analysis in identifying the diseases in a particular region of the body, we shall now proceed to examine the ways and means to give treatment to overcome the affected chakras. Activation of the chakra is of paramount importance. What we should remember at this stage is not the treatment exactly to the affected chakra as apparent from the chart but to the one below that chakra. To clarify, suppose the Vishddha chakra is not functioning properly, then the one below that i.e. Anahata should be activated. It is based on the simple reasoning that the first 6 chakras are inter-related. In other words, the activation at one level elevates energy to the next higher chakra. Affliction to the first three chakras viz. Mooladhara, Swadhishtana and Manipura makes the living unhappy or below average.

Atleast where a person is at Manipura and above will be able to elevate his energy for a fruitful living. Chanting of the Sloka given above on Chakras regularly besides regular meditation concentrating on all chakras in a systematic way helps one to activate the chakras gradually; it also serves as propitiation to Navagrahas. Colour Theraphy is quite useful in giving treatment to chakras. The Seven Chakras discussed above are connected to seven colors popularly termed as VIBGYOR – indicating Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red signifying the colors of the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn respectively. Based on the analysis of the chart, if a particular planet is afflicted, we may suggest the colour theraphy suitable to that planet; When any of the chakras is found to be disturbed and not functioning, we have to check if the energy is produced or not in the chakra; Secondly, if the energy is produced and being passed on to the next higher chakra. In the latter case, remedy lies in activating the nerves through Acupressure or Acupuncture. These points are represented by the nodes. CASE STUDY ON CHAKRA BASED ANALYSIS Analysis of the Chart: : In chart analysis, we have to give first prominence to the analysis of Lagna as it represents the native. The success or failure of an individual depends on the strength of lagna. More strong the lagna is, more potentiality the native will be in all his endeavours in life and success is assured.

Whenever the lagna and lagnadhipathi are weak or afflicted by malefics and connected to Dusthanas or afflicted, it indicates failure or Success after hurdles depending upon the extent of affliction. Matters connected with diseases are indicated on the strength of 6th house and the Rashis as reckoned from Natural Zodiac i.e. Kalapurusha. Affliction Rashis indicate the problems connected to the organs such Rashis denote. After analysis of Lagna Bhava and the Rogasthana, we have to go ahead with the status of Chakras in the body. Affliction to any planet indicates that the deficiency in the functioning of the Chakra it signifies. On this basis, we shall be able to predict the source of the disease than merely the symptom. Lagna bhava analysis:

    • The native is born in Vrishabha lagna signifying Earthy element. Natives born in this lagna with predominance of earthy element shows practical ability and sustenance power;
    • The controller of Lagna i.e. Nakshatra lord of lagna sphuta is the Sun. The Sun is also significator of Lagna bhava as well as Arogya karaka. It can be seen that the Sun is severely afflicted due to deep conjunction with Rahu, planet of venom. The position of lagna controller in Nodal axis is not a favourable feature;
    • The Lagnadhipathi Venus of course is well posited in his bosom friend’s house in Trikona to Lagna afflicted by malefic Mars. Its star dispositor is also the Sun who is afflicted as seen already. However, the positional strength of Lagna Lord protects the native;
    • No planets are posited in lagna but it is aspected by Mars from Roga sthana. Mars is owning both 2nd and 7th maraka houses. There is no influence of any benefics to the lagna bhava; hence the native will be influenced by the maraka effects of Mars.
    • On the whole, it can be said that due to afflicted Karaka the Sun with moderate strength of Lagna shows health related problems to the native; but the native is able to overcome due to the positional strength of Lagna lord – in strongest Trikona 9th house. Earthy element’s predominance is also a relieving factor. Analysis of Roga bhava
    • It may be seen that the lagnadhipathi Venus himself owns the 6th house lordship too. Such a condition shows that the native is also responsible for his health problems. It is quite possible that such natives do not take proper care and do not follow proper life style leading to one or the other health problems at a later stage’

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

    • Roga bhava is occupied by the dire malefic Saturn who has become more harmful as Avayogi to this native. Like adding fuel to the fire, he is vakri too making him more damaging; • Roga bhava is aspected by the lord of Venom Rahu strongly posited in Dasama Kendra in own Star. • There is aspect of Ashtamadhipathi Jupiter also on Roga bhava which indicates chronic or long ailments.
    • To sum up, the Roga bhava is afflicted by Strong Malefics Saturn and Rahu besides affliction by 8th lord Jupiter. It indicates that the native will be suffering from health related problems quite often and will be chronic too. Analysis on Chakra system We have already discussed how the chakras are related to the Human System and that how the afflicted chakras are going to cause health problems. As the different chakras from Mooladhara to Sahasrara are controlled by planets, it is quite easy for us to pin point the health related problems based on affliction to the respective planets. We shall analyse each of the planets in the chart so as to know the extent of affliction to different chakras in the body.
    • The Sun: The Sun controls Mooladhara chakra. In this chart, the Sun is posited in Dasama Kendra from Lagna with digbala. He is Janma Yogi also. Despite this, his position is alarming due to deep conjunction with the planet of venom Rahu. It is further posited in Rahu star. Rahu being placed in own star is quite strong in causing damage to the Sun. In fact, both the Sun and Rahu are in the same degree. The Sun’s affliction coupled with its position in nodal axis indicates the problems in Mooladhara chakra. Improper functioning of Mooladhara chakra indicates Constipation problem, rectum problem, non-releasing of toxins in the body and such other related organs in the lower portion.
    • The Moon: The Moon controls the Swadhishtana chakra. It may be seen that the Moon is in its debilitated Sign Scorpio and in Ashtama bhava to lagna. It is on Jyesta star ruled by Mercury. Even Mercury is afflicted due to combustion with Sun and close conjunction with the planet of venom Rahu. The worst part is that the karaka for diseases and misery Saturn labeled with Ayayogi and Retrogration has afflicted Moon by its 3rd aspect that too from Rogasthana. Thus, the Moon does not have Rasi bala and Sthana bala besides affliction by dire malefic Saturn. It goes without saying that Swadhisthana chakra is undoubtedly damaged causing weakness of the Urinary bladder, non expulsion of toxins and problems of other related organs in the lower abdomen.
    • Mars: Mars controls Manipura chakra in the body. Mars is posited in 7th, the maraka sthana in Swathi nakshatra ruled by the planet of venom Rahu and is aspected too by Rahu. It is hemmed between Avayogi and dire enemy Saturn on the one side and Neecha, afflicted Moon on the other. Here again affliction to Mars by Rahu certainly damages the functioning of Manipura chakra which relate to stomach region. In other words, it affects the digestive system in the body as Mars is a fiery planet and his affliction only affects the production of digestive juices in the body. Organs related to abdomen region get affected.

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  • Mercury: In the ladder of chakras, Mercury controls the Anahata chakra located in the chest region. It may be observed that Mercury though posited in Kendra identical with friendly house, it has become weak and afflicted due to combustion with Sun. Additionally, it is closely conjunct with the Venom planet Rahu. Such a situation has affected the functioning of Anahata chakra ruled by Mercury. The native therefore suffers from chest congestion, respiratory problems and other related ailments. • Jupiter: Jupiter controls the Vishuddha chakra located in the throat region. Jupiter signifies Akasha tatwa and thus the sound produced the throat region. It is also responsible for the functioning of ears and nose as they are inter-connected. Jupiter in the chart is afflicted by Malefic, Avayogi and Retrograde Saturn directly by 7th aspect. Such an affliction to Jupiter indicates functioning of organs related to Visudha chakra;
  • Venus: Venus controls the Ajna chakra located between eye brows. It controls the entire nerves in the body. In the chart, Venus as Lagna lord is well posited in Trikona sthana without any conjunction of malefic. Although aspect of Mars is there, it will not affect much due to distance in degrees. It may be concluded that Ajna chakra is not affected much;

Saturn: In the Sapta chakras, the highest one is Sahasrara chakra controlled by Saturn. It is the central nervous system in the body. In the chart, of all the planets, Saturn is most afflicted as he is in retrograde motion, secondly, he is Avayogi; thirdly it is afflicted by aspect of Ashtamadhipathi Jupiter; fourthly it is posited in Hasta nakshatra ruled by Neecha and afflicted Moon; and finally such an afflicted and AY Saturn is posited in Rogasthana. It is crystal clear as to how much it has caused damage to the functioning of Sahasrara chakra. Summary of Chakra analysis: From the analysis of functioning of various chakras in the body, we have come to know that the native’s chakras from Mooladhara followed by Swadhishtana, Manipura and Anahata are most afflicted. The energy which is supposed to elevate to the higher ladder from one chakra to the higher chakra level is in fact going in the reverse direction to the lower level. In view of this, the native will be suffering from one or the other health problem related to these chakras due to their improper functioning. It means that the native will have basically digestion problems, urinary bladder related problems, chest congestion, respiratory problem, non release of toxins etc. For activation of functioning of any chakra the lower one to that must be activated first. As all the four chakras from Mooladhara onwards are afflicted, primarily Mooladhara chakra should be corrected.

Affliction to these chakras only indicate that the energy is moving in the bottom direction instead of elevating and that the native’s energy is going out unnecessarily through Mooladhara chakra. Conclusion : From the above discussion on chakra related analysis of horoscopes we have seen that it is possible to precisely diagnose the health related problems in a particular area or region of the body which could be the source of the problem while the symptom may appear elsewhere. In the absence of proper diagnosis, treatment however good it may be will not be of any avail. In this direction, chakra system may be regarded as a unique system in Predictive Astrology.

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