16 Mysteries of Life Past, Present and Future

16 Mysteries of Life Past, Present and Future  

R. Subramanyam
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1. There is a proverb in English "As you sow, so will you reap". which reinforces the KARMA THEORY of our ancient scriptures. Deeds of the past life determine the present life. whereas a definite karma connection exists between the past and present life, as a chain reaction, present life has no knowledge or memory of its past life. 2. The secrecy of birth life as above is best explained in the Vishnu Purana . Life consists of body and soul. Upon death, the soul leaves the body and enters another world. After sometime soul is permitted to re-enter the Earth through the rain bearing clouds and rain. The soul reaches the body of the person drinking the water and products thereof. As male and female unite, the soul as the vital force assumes physical body and grows during gestation period. All along the soul is conscious of the previous life. But at the moment of birth, by the Maya of Lord Vishnu, the soul simply forgets past life. This secrecy of birth remain today and would remain so for ever. 3. However some exceptions exist as in nature to the above law of secrecy. Our Ancient great saints, seers and sages through their sincere prayers, penance, noble ways of life, possessed visionary foresight (Gnana Drishti) to foresee Trikala ( Past, Present and Future). They understood that the 27 stars, 12 Rasis and 9 planets influence human life and prescribed Vedic Astrology Texts for the benefit of human life. 4. They even suggested ways and means of wisdom to overcome destiny or fate. Initially the practice of vedic astrology was restricted to royal courts and nobility. During the past century or so , the study and practice of Astrology has become popular world wide. Indian vedic scriptures are regarded as pioneers and leaders compared to Greek, Roman, Persian and Western texts. 5. Vedic Astrology helps to identify the purpose of present life in general. For this systematic study of one's Horoscope based on the exact time of birth is absolutely essential. 6. • a) Supposing the birth time (Janma Lagna) and the birth star (Janma Raasi) of a person are placed in the Dharma Trikona houses of Mesha, Simha, Dhanur that person shall be kind hearted, gentle, pious and charitable. • b) If the Janma Lagna and Raasi are situated in Artha Trikona houses of Rishaba, Kanni, Makara that person shall be mostly interested in accumulating wealth and other material objects. • c) If the Janma Lagna and Raasi are placed in Kama Trikona houses of Mithuna, Thula and Kumbha that person shall mostly seek worldly pleasures of sex, love, passion greed etc. • d) If the Janma Lagna and Raasi are placed in Moksha Trikona houses of Kataka, Vrichika, Meena that person shall mostly lead a detached life not much interested in worldly affairs and rituals. 7. In general Dharma and Moksha houses indicate a helpful nature, service to public. Artha and Kama Houses show more interest in one's own needs and selfish nature. The planets placed and aspecting these houses also play their parts. Benefic planets shall be helpful in fulfilling the purpose of birth while the Malefic planets indicate hurdles and hardships that one needs to overcome in such realization. 8. Vedic Astrology also indicates whether a person has been consistently performing good deeds in his past life. Such a person's horoscope at present birth shall be as follows. In case of male birth, the Lagna, sun, moon shall be in odd houses with day time birth. In the case of female the Lagna, sun, moon shall be in even houses with night time birth. These are indicative of Maha Bagya Yoga where in the person shall enjoy a most comfortable life through out without any effort and be blessed. But such persons are rare and restricted. 9. Study of one's horoscope helps to know whether that person has been performing bad, evil or sinful acts in his present birth with subsequent consequences in present birth. 10. Out of the twelve houses in one's horoscope the fifth house (Purva Punya) and the ninth house (Bhagya) are considered to be most auspicious houses. If these fifth and ninth houses are affected by Malefic planets and without any influence of benefic planets, the conclusion drawn is that no purva punya , no Bagya. That is the person has been performing evil and sinful acts in past life and in the present life he shall suffer from sorrow, misery and hardships only. 11. The planetary positions throw light on the events in life. With this knowledge if the person were to follow the right ways in life, have faith in god , the sufferings shall definitely be lessened. Through wisdom one can overcome destined fate. If on the other hand the person continues with evil ways . he/she shall suffer the most in present life and as a consequence future life of such a person will also be a condemned one. 12. Now Let us Examine the planetary positions in general indicating the next stage of journey of the soul after release from human body as noted by reputed scholars of Astrology. 12 a. Moksha/Liberation from Birth 1. Mars and Mercury in Pisces (Meenam) and Gemini (Mithuna) as Ascendant (Janma Lagna) 2. Ascendant as Sagittarius (Dhanur), Navamsa Lagna as Aries (Mesham) and moon in Virgo (Kanni) 3. Kethu in 12th house from Karakamsa position 4. Jupiter in Cancer (Kataka) and 3 or 4 planets in Kendra houses (1, 4, 7, 10 houses from Lagna)and Guru in Moola Thrikona house is Amsa 5. Benefic planet occupies 12th house with benefic planets on either side in 10th, 11th house as Subaa Katri Yoga. 6. Jupiter (Guru) as 10th lord placed in 12th house ; Venus (sukra) and waxing moon (sukla paksha Chandra) aspects the 12th house. These are termed as divine souls liberated from rebirth as per classical texts. 12 b. Naraka (Hell) Life 1. 12th house is aspected or occupied by Saturn with Mandi and the 12th lord star is placed at 3,5,7 positions from the birth star ( bad position) 2. Malefic planet in combustion, debilitation and in a state of eclipse with Rahu/Kethu in 12th Bhava 3. 12th lord is under the aspect of malefic planet Rahu , Mandi in 12th house and 8th house lord is related to 6th house lord 13. These positions indicate the sinful acts of person in this world, the liberated soul goes to hell, undergoes punishment accordingly and again born in Earth. 14. Souls other than these two criteria, true to the dictum Punarapi Jananam, Punarapi Maranam undergoes the cyclic pattern of birth and death 15. Let us take in to consideration what the famous Yogi Paramyoganathar has to say about the soul after death in his autobiography "A Parrot imprisoned in a cage for a number of days upon release does not fly away immediately . It shall go around the cage for sometimes and then only flies away. Similarly upon death the soul leaves the physical body. Remembering that soul has remained in the body for a number of years, the soul is reluctant to leave the place immediately and stays there for a certain period. Then only it goes to another world meant for souls. 16. To confirm the above, a recent study of a 57-year old patient in United Kingdom published in newspapers drew worldwide attention. According to the doctor, despite the patient being unconscious and clinically dead, the patient recounted all the actions of the medical staff and the beep sounds of machine very accurately. The patient after survival remarked " I could feel my soul leaving the body. As a soul I stood there in the corner watching all sounds and actions. Then after a few minutes someone from above directed me to re-enter my body. so I am here alive". The doctor was left wondering how a clinically dead man (no heart beat, no brain activity) can describe the actions of men and machines clearly and exactly. So he let the world know the events and his research studies on life after death are continuing. To conclude only time will tell whether all the secrets of mankind are revealed to humankind and the time frame in which these secrets would be revealed.
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