Sensitive Year in Various Types of Arishtas of Longevity

Sensitive Year in Various Types of Arishtas of Longevity  

G. Sumathi
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The classical works of Astrology have emphasized certain basic principles for the Arishtas of various types of age group of longevity. To the best of my humble experience I have gone through the tamil classical works like Kumaraswamiyam etc., in which a standard dictom has been mentioned to determine the various year of Balarishta, AlpAyu, Madyama Ayu and Deerga Ayu combinations. It is neatly followed by traditional astrologers to predict the particular age or year of Balarishta on the various principles mentioned here under. Accordingly the rule

1. says that from the first year to the 12th year of age is termed as Balarishta . And from 13-32 is AlpAyu. 33-70 is Madyama Ayu. 71-80 is DeergAyu. To find out which year of age will be the most disturbing year of causing death like dangers the following rule is applied .

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Rule 1. : According to the degrees of the moon the year of Balarishta is determined. As such the following table will denote for ready reference. Rasi Degree of Sensitive year Moon of Balarishta Kanya 1degree 1st year of age Vrischika 2 “ 2nd year Dhanus 3 3rd year Thula 4 4th year Simha 5 5th year Makara 6 6th year Kumbha 7 7th year Mesha 8 8th year Rishaba 9 9th year Meena 10 10th year Mithuna 11 11th year Kataka 12 12th year Apart from this to note down the very particular year in respect of Alpayu group the following rule is applied.

Rule2: when a particular planet is posited in ascendant. A particular year is held to be the most sensitive year for the native of Alpayu as noted below (Planet in Ascendant & Arishta year). Asc. Mer. Rah Ven. Jup. Sun Mars Sat. Moon Year 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th In respect of the year from 21 onwards the following rule holds good with reference to the birth stars noted below. Mrig. Ash. Push. Ash. Punar. Krit. Roh. Bhar. Ardra 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th Birth during the Exact sunrise time 30th year Birth during the Exact midday 31st year Birth during the Exact sunset time 32nd year Thus ends the Alpayu combination of the year. Now in respect of Madhyama Ayu dosha from 33rd year to 70th year we have to calculate with reference to the 27 Vishkumbadi yogas, 11 Bhavadi karanas, which will totally cover the remaining 38 years as noted above. Thus the particulars of Madhyama Ayu dosha year can be arrived. In respect of Deergayu from 71st year to 80th year , the 10 year period has to be apportioned with Krishna Paksha Prathima to Dasami. So in each and every segmentation a careful calculation should be applied instead of going through the hasty decision of predicting with reference to a particular rule alone.

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Remedial measures for Ayushkanda doshas : Venerable Varahamihira in his valuable work Brihat Jataka has clearly given various combinations for arishta or death in chapter no. 5. A valuable and authentic guidelines to perform timely Durga poojas in Sathwik way avoiding vamacharas is suggested by sripathi following which one can ward of,counteract or overcome the Arishtas.

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