Knowledge of Personalities

Knowledge of Personalities  

Ravinder Lakhotia
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Experience : It is essential for a skilled administrater to have knowledge about personalities so that he may alert himself at the time of assigning tasks to the employees.

1. Clever/Skilled People :


  • On an average, short people are skilled in their behavior and are efficient in getting their work done.
  • A person who talks with a slanting glance.
  • A person with a hunch back, one eye and limp. Does not have a neck by birth.
  • Who make their eyes narrow, slit like, while talking.

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2. A Fradulent Person :

  • Who cannot talk while making an eye to eye contact.
  • People who look above while taling.
  • Whose eyes are narrow, slit like or become like that, while talking.
  • People with a hunch back, one eye, limp and no neck since birth.
  • Who make different contortions of the eye while talking.
  • Who do not raise their eyes while talking.

3. People who Cannot be Defeated Easily :

  • People with a hunch back, one eye,
  • limp and no neck since birth.

4. Incredible People :

  • A person having a deep mole in his cornea.

5. Treacherous People :

  • Who does not have a neck.
  • Who does not have hair on his chest.

6. Argument Prone Women 

  • Who have hair on their hands and legs.
  • Who have hair all over the body.

7. Eloquent Person :

  • Limp, one eyed or hunch backed since birth.
  • Who does not have hair on his chest.
  • Who has a mole on his cornea.
  • Short people.

8. Subtle Thinker or Conspirator :

A reserved person who simply smiles even at a hilarious situation, when everybody is laughing; he just smiles like Socrates or Brutus.

9. Obstinate Person :

  • Who’s thumb is straight.
  • Who has a wide forefoot.
  • A person with mingled ege brows.

Mantra worship : Words have unlimited power. Speech plays a major role in making friends or foes. Mantra worship is a mysterious method through which mysterious power can be produced in a large quantity “Mantra-power” is full of miracles. Once a small troop of Nepolean’s army was marching over a bridge.

The bridge fell down and the soldiers were swept away by the river. Later, they realised that the bridge fell down due to the orderly sound of the soldiers foot steps. Since then, a rule has been passed that the army will not go over a bridge in an orderly manner. Every one knows about the famous musician Tansen who created miracles by virtue of his music during Akbar’s dynasty. Today, music is not restricted for entertainment only.

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Rather, scientists have achieved success through music, which is being used for various purposes. Our feelings and thoughts are associated with mantras and therefore a constant use of “mantra” purify our thoughts and feeling likewise. Importance of mantras depends upon the words chosen. And when the mantra is continuously recited in the same manner for a long period, a special kind of energy is born. By repeatedly reciting a mantra, not only the man’s body and mind becomes excited, but simultaneously, the environment in which it is recited also gets provoked by the sound waves which are created by the effective words. Word is a subject of the sky.

Thus the sky is worshipped by a person who recites mantras i.e. a mantrik. Yogi’s adore air, life power is collected by way of air. In view, mantirks are senior than yogis. A mantrik is not lesser than a yogi. To get rid of both physical and mental problems, mantras have proved very beneficial. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra : “Om Haum Jum Sah Om Bhur-Bhuvah Svah Om Tryambakam Yajamahe, Sugandhim Pustivardhanam. Urvarukam-iva, Bandhanan-mrtyormuksiya mamrtat. Om Svah Bhuvah Bhuh Om sah jum haum om.”

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