Astrology Conferences

Astrology Conferences  

Future Point
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Astrology Conference - An astrological conference is a platform where the eminent astrologers share their knowledge and research work in astrology, make important predictions and increase awareness of astrological knowledge and news among people.

Future Point organizes astrological conferences for the propagation and standardization of astrology and other allied sciences nationally & internationally. The main vision is to serve people by utilizing the science and making every one aware of all new developments taking place in this field. Astrological conferences give a chance to learn more about the fascinating subject of astrology & to associate with people from all over the world who share this interest.

Members include people from varied streams of astrology, occult and other Vedic sciences who are generally professional astrologers, palmists, Vastu scientists, leading numerologists, spiritual leaders, people with Yogic bent of mind, world renowned astrologers, aura readers, chakra healers, Ayurveda experts, energy balancing experts, Tarot readers & students. Our conferences provide topics and speakers at all levels, and the social setting is both fun and educational. Whatever your area of interest or level of expertise, from beginner to professional, we are sure you'll find these conferences an invaluable resource. In these conferences all speakers are honored as special guests. Trophies & participation certificates are conferred as award of honor to speakers and participants. The main areas on which these conferences focus are-

  • Dissemination of astrological truths and knowledge
  • Setting high standards in professionalism with its certification program
  • Setting the standard in consulting skills for practicing astrologers
  • Setting standards in ethics amongst astrologers
  • Supporting promising research studies based on astrological factors
  • To make people aware of Vedic sciences like Astrology, Vastu, Numerology & remedies
  • To explain the benefits of astrology and Vastu in day to day life.
  • Presenting latest researches in the field of Astrology, Vastu & various Vedic sciences and their relevance in modern perspective
  • How to ward off the negative energy and derive positive energy from the environment
  • Making world a better place by raising spiritual quotient among masses
  • Make predictions about national & international issues with future possibilities
  • Presenting efforts of institutions in using modern scientific techniques in computing the astrological calculations and predictions through latest computerized software
  • Creating a strong sense of community amongst astrologers worldwide

To achieve these objectives Future point has successfully organized several conferences in India and abroad in last 20 years.

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Future Point is a leading Astrological organization in India. It has a wonderful track record of organizing several national & international conferences successfully. Every year we organize mega event on Astrology and other Vedic sciences by the name Nakshatra at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Apart from that we are also regular in organizing other astrology conferences on national and international level every year. Lots of practicing astrologers, scholars, amateurs and general public got benefited from such conferences and the benefits are multifold as such events provide first class platform to get maximum exposure & up-gradation.

If you are an astrologer and wish to grow along with astrologers' community to keep yourself updated with latest developments and researches and to match international standards in this field then you can be a member of our portal. If you become a member then we shall keep you updated about our upcoming events and conferences so that you can gear up yourself to participate as an impressive practitioner and contribute your unique talent & knowledge. You can be a member simply by filling up the membership form given in the portal.

Our Track Record

Future Point has successfully arranged International Astrological conferences in Mauritius, Netherlands, Bangkok, Singapore, South Africa, Dubai, Switzerland & London. The deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius Mr. Anil Bachu, EX- Prime Minister of Thailand General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, H.E. Mrs. Shyamla Cowsik Ambassador in Netherlands, Consulate General of India in Zurich Switzerland and Ambassador of Nepal in UK & H.E. Deputy Commissioner of India in UK had presided over these seminars.

At national level also it is organizing many conferences all over India. Nakshatra exhibition is organized by Future Point with India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) every year in Pragati Maidan from last 12 years.

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