Numerology and Vastu Fault

Numerology and Vastu Fault  

Ashok Bhatia
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It is with the birth of a native that some numbers connect with him. For example, number of his date of birth, Hora at the time of birth and place of birth etc. On the basis of all these factors, one can make the astrological-numerological calculations. If we have faith on the karmic theory of Bhagvad Geeta as initiated by lord Krishna, we will find that whatever date you have got for your birth in this life, has been inherited on the basis of the Karmas of the native in which every number has its own significance.

Here, under the Grid System, every number occurring in the individual’s date of birth has been shown in the square. When all such numbers have been placed at their fixed places, some squares remain blank and these blank spaces show us the ways of leading and living the present life. In our scriptures, there are nine Yantras of nine planets, which are based on the following Surya Yantra: As regards the Vastu Defects in the house of a particular individual, we can find out the same on the basis of the dates of birth of the individual concerned and his wife on the basis of the aforesaid Yantra, in which the sum total of the numbers from each direction comes to 15. In order to find out the relevant Griha Vastu Dosh(Home Vastu Defects) at first we shall have to place each and every number of the date of birth (date of birth, month, year and century number) in the aforesaid Yantra.

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If some number of the Surya Yantra doesn’t occur in the date of birth, we leave that place blank. Blank space will tell us about the Home Vastu Fault of the person concerned and remedial measures will be taken accordingly. For example, the date of birth of a male and his wife are 13/12/1956 and 5/5/1958 respectively. Here the Surya Yantra based Vastu Fault Grid will be prepared in the following way: It shows that there is Vastu defects in South-East and West direction in the house of the native. As regards the date of birth of the wife it has corrected the Vastu defect of North-East shown by number 8 in the Vastu Grid of husband and date of birth of the husband has corrected the Vastu Defects of wife’s Vastu Grid shown in the direction of North-West, South-West and East shown by the missing numbers viz. 6, 2 and 4 respectively.

Since, now a days the properties are generally in the name of both husband and wife, therefore, they may supplement each other’s deficiencies. Vastu Grid shows as to what may be the Vastu Defects in the house according to the direction and after detecting the same remedial measures may also be taken.

As per direction we can find out the following Defects: East direction : Vastu Defect in the east direction indicates the lack of cordial relation between the Son and the father. There may be some problems in government job or punishment from the government, eye diseases, headache, heart ailments, skin diseases or jaundice etc.

West direction : If there is Vastu Defect in the west, one may face problems from his servants, problems in his career and effects of evil spirits, wind problems, paralysis, small pox, backbone or leg problems along with leprosy etc.

North direction : A Vastu Defect in the north may create educational hurdles, losses in the business, speech defects, throat problems, epilepsy or nasal diseases and confusion etc.

South direction : A Vastu Defect in south may create short-tempered nature, frequent accidents, blood problems, leprosy, high blood pressure etc. Even the relations with one’s brothers do not remain cordial.

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North-East direction : A defect in the north-east do not help in his meditation and fall in the family income, resulting in the loss of money in hand, delayed marriages, deliveries, stomach problems, ear problems, constipation and sleeplessness etc.

South-East direction : A Vastu defect in this direction does not allow cordial relations between the wife and the husband. They face failures in love relations, problems from the vehicles, loss of interest in one’s own adorning, hernia, diabetes, urinary and semen problems and disease relating to uterus.

South-West direction : If there is a Vastu Defect in this direction, it will invite problems from one’s own grandfather or maternal grandfather, ego-problem or fear from the evil spirits, skin diseases, blood problems, mental diseases, small pox, cholera etc.

North-West direction : A Vastu Defect in this direction, obstructs cordial relation with one’s own mother accompanied by mental problems, sleeplessness, cough and cold, urinary diseases, menstrual disorders, stone or pneumonia etc.

We can get rid of these problems arising out of the aforesaid Vastu Faults after obtaining suggestions and remedial guidance from a prominent Vastu expert. 

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