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Magical spell of Yantras

Yantra is a Sanskrit word, which means “Kavach”, or talisman. They are engraved and designed in geometrical and mathematical formations. These are prepared by knowledgeable person and under proper guidance. All geometrical desig... more


Jul 2004

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Sevaram Jaipuria

We normally tend to examine a gem for its clarity, color and carat. Add another “C”: CURE. The healing power of gems and its effect on Mind, Body and Soul is painstakingly advocated by astrologers, duly acknowledged by Gem’s deale... more


Jan 2009

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All about Gems

All about Gems

Dr. Arun Bansal

Usually all we know about gems is that they are precious and herald good days. But what all Gems are there? How do they work for different planets? Originally gems are there for the Sun up to Ketu that is for all Navagrahas. For... more


Jul 2004

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Be Positive Get Positive

In the modern world of today everybody aspires to be prosperous and financially sound. Those, who are already well off, wish to maintain and upgrade their standards and work hard to get more and more. To fulfill our wishes, while ... more


Oct 2009

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Feng Shui in the New Year

Feng Shui in the New Year

Purnima Girhotra

New Year is a time for making resolutions to transform your life.We feel quite magical to start a whole new year and plant the seeds for all we want to see happening in the near future.... more

Feng ShuiRemedies

Jan 2011

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